Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Finding the One

So today is it. Tomorrow I will be in meetings all day and then I'm on a plane and home again. I never thought I would see this day come and I didn't realize it would be this hard. Yesterday was so great. We got a new bishop and the Spirit flooded the room. We sang and I was able to see all those people that I love and will miss. I left and Jameston was my home ward. I'm now leaving my home in Howell and I can't describe the feelings I have. It's like I am loosing a loved one or when an old friend is gone and you're left in the sudden quiet of an empty house. It's almost heart breaking.

I came out here to find one person that I had seen in a dream. I spent two years searching and praying, knocking and testifying.  I've looked and looked and cried and I've come to  realize that I found him-- not the man in the dream, but I found me. They told me in the MTC that I was just as lost as my future investigators and I was, in a way. I knew the truth but I didn't have the Lord's image engraven on my countenance or the gospel written in the fleshy tablets of my heart. I'm still far from any type of perfect. but I was able to be molded and tested and tried. Now I feel that I am trusted.

What a blessing these past two years have been. They were the hardest two years of my life. Any one who tells you they will be the best two years is kidding themselves. But they have been, without a doubt, the best two years FOR my life.

I think I'm now ready to start my next chapter. See you on the other side...


Monday, June 13, 2016

Creeping Along

This week was slow again. The days seem to fly but man, those minutes just creep along!

We had a warm week. It was super hot and pretty muggy so knocking doors stunk. We had a really good lesson with Lisa. The Lord humbles his children and tries to help them need the gospel and she could really use it! She's having a lot of family struggles right now. She called us in tears one night telling us how she's just not sure about God any more. We taught her to pray again and told her to doubt her doubts before she starts doubting her faith. She's looking for a home. We felt inspired to promise her that she would find a place if she prayed every night and morning for three days. We called on the third night and she said she hadn't prayed every night.  She fell asleep once but she felt better you could tell. She had direction. She said she randomly looked in this other part of Michigan and found a lot of options. The Lord always answers our prayers, always!!  Not in our way but His way.

We saw Jannett again. Man, it was so sad! She just wanted us to pray with her. Her son is being a butt and isn't going to see her more than three hours a week. She's heart broken. I don't know her son but
I'm not his biggest fan. You don't desert family like that. We prayed with her and you could see the effect that it had. It was good! I just hope that she can find peace.

Other than that, just trying to stay focused and fake the want to knock doors! ha-ha They don't knock themselves so that leaves me and Abbott to do it! Wish us luck!


Monday, June 6, 2016

Goodbye President Gerber

Slowly but surely! This week was pretty slow for us--it flew by but I feel like we got nothing done.  ha-ha. We saw the girls. They still haven't been to church--week three now! I'm starting to get a little frustrated with their mom, like I have mentioned. May this be a lesson to everyone: If you want peace and happiness and power to overcome, here is the key: obedience! That's it! Cut and dry! All  the worries of life will still be there but you will have the all the Creator of Heaven and Earth on your side! You cannot fail!! I wish she would just try and understand that and live it! She would find the peace that I know she needs.

Elder Abbott, my companion
We also got to see Jannett. (She's the older lady in the nursing home.) She was so happy to see us. It was just great. I'm tearing up thinking about it! She is so lonely and afraid. She told us her oldest son isn't coming to see her anymore. He told her that he needs a break from her. I hurt for her but you can tell she feels the spirit when we come. I've learned that it really doesn't matter what I say to people. It's how they feel that matters. The Spirit they feel is different and they are unfamiliar with it. That is what interests people.

We had a zone conference this week. It was the Gerbers (and my) last one. It was good to see everyone. The Gerbers talked about the next president and his wife. He invited the Elders and Sisters to pray to know if he was called by God. I already know he is. I sure hope the missionaries that stay here will feel that. It was a powerful conference.

 I had my finally interview with President. It was so nice. I felt the love and the Spirit was so strong! I felt physically tired afterwards--that's how strong it was. We just talked about me, the spirit of the law and how I cannot compromise at all. I felt a little offended that he would talk about that but as we talked I could see that he was worried about me and who I needed to be for the Lord to work through me. It was tender. We talked also talked about what my plans are. What I want, not what the church or you want for me but what I want for me. I shared how I felt and I think he understood. We had some great conversations, We shared a special moment after talking about life and stuff . I told him I appreciated what he does and he said the same. He thanked me for coming on my mission. I told him I was grateful he let me stay and he teared up. He thanked me for staying and giving up my life to be here. "It's just what we do," was what I replied and he understood. What a wonderful man! He is a new role model for me for sure!

It was a good week and were going to make this one good to. Who knew that you could love as deep as this! I was thinking about it...as much as I have missed you and the family, that is how much I'm going to miss these people! Two years ago I didn't think I would ever feel this was. Crazy how God works!


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Road Kill Turkey

Me and Elders Barrett and Birschback from my district.
This week was pretty good...ha-ha...the regular to-do's of mission life! We had a really good lesson
with the older ladies in the nursing home--just short and sweet. The friend of the member, Janette, was doing so much better and she was so happy to see us. She began to cry as she told us that she just had this feeling swell in her when we had come.  We smiled and told her that it was the Spirit. She's not physically strong enough to take the lessons yet but she told us she would do anything. She just wants to learn. It's great to find and be a part of the lessons with some one who actually wants to know.

Turkey damage to the bumper!
Elder Abbott finally got to meet our ward mission leader. He has been out of town for the last two weeks. Nothing too fun there. I honestly hate those meetings. They're pointless but we do it anyway. I hate doing what others tell me to do but I would love to see some one put something on the table.  "Elders," they would say, "these are the appointments I've got lined up for you this next week." Instead of "What did you do this week? What can I do next week to help you? I want to be engaged." Blah blah, whatever. But on the ride home I pegged a turkey with the car! Slammed it! ha-ha. It ran out after it had already made up it's mind not to run--or so I thought. Everyone said that I should have taken ir home. I was like, "Nope! I followed the driver's ed course--just hit it and don't stop!" Why that turkey crossed the road, we will never know. He didn't make it! ha ha.

From the ward bulletin. I felt the love!
Please pray for my girls. Their Mom has stopped bringing them to church. It breaks my heart. I'd move back just so I could take them but the members here are all willing. Their mom just has to get the picture! I just don't know how to help her get it. She won't give up her lifestyle. "I'm not ready to jump all the way in yet," she says. It's beginning to affect her girls and that's not alright by me! Just pray with me!

It was a pretty good week. We got to be instruments in the hand of God. Can't beat that! We also toured the huge old church in town very cool, not Mormon. ha-ha.


Monday, May 23, 2016


Sometimes the hand of God in our lives is so small we only see it in retrospect. This week we saw a lot of blessings but we felt like it was a bummer of a week. We found two new people to teach. They were referred to us by a member from the other ward. One is the member's friend, Janet. She is really sick and is in a nursing home. She is worried because she hasn't been baptized. We went and gave her a blessing and testified the she is God's daughter and that He loves her. Then her roommate Donna said she would like a blessing too. So we gave her a blessing. You could feel the spirit. It was great and you could tell the the member felt it too. We have another appointment tomorrow with them.

We are taught that we can call down the powers of Heaven and that Father hears our prayers. I know that's true. We did it just yesterday. A member of our ward asked us to pray that her less-active friend would be well enough to come to church. She had been using her illness as an excuse. So we pulled over and prayed. It's so good to have that feeling in your heart--that Heaven and Father, for that moment, stopped for you--to listen and feel that he acknowledges you. I got to shake that sister's hand. She said, "I wasn't going to come. My foot hurt but I came." The little miracles are what have built my testimony and conversion.

Oh and I got to make my first "911" call. We met a guy tripping on acid so we sat and talked. I stepped away and called the cops (felt like a boss, I might add). They came and got him to the hospital. We were in the right place at the right time. It was super neat.

A good week but the best is yet to come!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Last New Companion

This week was good. I dumped Todd. ha-ha, Grandpa Douglas took us down to transfers. He's so great. He and I, just two old timers hanging out. ha-ha. It was cool. He opened up and talked about some things that we really care about.  Sister Douglas was surprised that he even talked to me about some of it so it was cool. My new comp is Elder Abbott. He's from Idaho Falls, so pretty close to home. It's been a hard transition. Weird, I know. It's different having some one that laughs and jokes. He's pretty cool. I am still figuring it out.

Nothing too great to talk about this week--just continuing on. We almost got a lady on date. We have taught her twice. Her name is Lisa. She knows it's true. She has had the lessons tons of times. She finally told us her concern. She doesn't think she could be Mormon because she's not perfect and would fail. So we testified of the atonement. She didn't get it quite yet but we'll get there.

I went out last night with the Bishop. We just talked. You would have thought that I was one of his youth getting ready to leave. I could feel his love for me and the people we saw. I can't forget the Lord because he chasteness me so often. I feel like I have been driven to my knees and I am thankful for that now. It has taught me about prayer and love, long suffering, and about being succored. Kinda cool. Thought I'd share.

I'll get you a picture of Abbott next week. Have a good day! Only a couple more weeks!


Monday, May 9, 2016

Staying in Howell

This week was good we didn't have to cook a dinner all week! It's the little things in life that make the biggest difference. At the end of every transfer, the members seem to remember us and all of them want to feed us. It was nice to go and visit with so many of them. I could honestly care less about the food. It could taste like cardboard...if the conversation is good, it's worth it!

We got invited to go and help the other ward with their mutual activity. We helped them wash cars and gave out pass along cards. It was pretty fun. I was with one of the Brighton elders (my favorite one). It was just fun! Mormon members are weird though. Think of sitting in your car getting a free car was and all these people smiling at you and watching you and then them sending two guys in white shirts to your window. Yep, weird! We tried to not be to awkward but one of them just like hovered behind us. Ugh! Get your own investigator, dang it ;)

Something cool: We took a memeber out with us last night. He's fifteen. It makes me tear up just typing about it. He is so converted to the gospel--like more than me or most missionaries. He shared his testimony and how the gospel has changed him. It was such a sweet experience. He would be a Stripling Warrior if it was the Nephite times!

We got transfer calls and I'll be staying here in Howell. I was so shocked!! No one expected me to stay. I was already running through the list of who I needed to say goodbye to and what I was going to leave behind. I'm happy to stay though. Most areas I have been so ready to leave but I think I could stay here for a while. You know--get a new comp every now and again and keep going. I joked with one of the members. He said he was going to tell the mission president I couldn't leave for another couple of years. At church I walked up and said he had better start looking for a house and a wife for me if I'm staying that long. He said he would hook me up!! ha-ha. Pray my new comp is cool! I am praying for that!

Love you guys! I hope you have a great week. You're always in my prayers.